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fb energy Limited is one of the new divisions under the umbrella of Four Brothers. FB Energy is in the business of helping industries become cost-competitive and ecologically proactive through offering Solar PV renewable turnkey solutions along with Net Metering services.

We offer customized medium and large-scale solar solutions in the region with a vision to create an energy-rich future while upholding our commitment to the planet through safe and sustainable practices. fb energy brings unparalleled partnerships with a dedicated team that strives to provide the best possible solution as per customer's needs. With a unique edge in skills and knowledge to solve energy-related problems, we are the ideal partners for Corn Mercia, industrial, and real estate developers.


The group initiated the formation of its activities having the vast exposure of its management team with a humble beginning by setting up Four Brothers Industries in July 2002 to complement its existing distribution business that started in the late '70s. The Group activities gained momentum with the acquisition of Faletti's from the Privatization Commission, Government of Pakistan in July 2005 it is one of the heritage properties located in the heart of Lahore.

In 2006, the group decided to diversify the business portfolio by adding Telecom to the already operational business fields by the name of 4A Gentle, which was granted a LDI (Long Distance & International Gateway Services) License by Pakistan Telecommunications Authority. One of the Group's major strengths lies in its strong relationship with Chinese and European manufacturers while ensuring sourcing for the open-ended customer requirements. Our success lies in believing in synergy and its limitless power of UP's lying. Our philosophy extends to the realms of customer relations, investor interactions, market trends, analysis, and technological advances.

There was also a prestigious joint venture of the group with the Defence Housing Authority, Islamabad in collaboration with internationally acclaimed Telecom Company Teleste, to organize and contrast a high-profiled broadband cable facility. The group has also been managing a housing society situated at the Main Indus Highway in Dera Ghazi Khan by the name of "New Defence View Housing Society". This luxurious gated community has more than 1000 commercial and residential plots, having all the living facilities like Underground Electricity System, Community Club, Golf Club, Mosque, Parks, School, Hospital, and Graveyard. Four Brothels Group introduced Mobile Handsets with the brand name of Trend Mobiles. It was Pakistan's first Dual Sim Mobile handset. Trend Mobiles also launched COMA Handsets, IT Related products, and LCDs.


A strong resolve to reduce carbon emissions to secure the planet.


To provide efficient and cost-effective renewable energy solutions.

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Always Clean Energy

Absorb the sun’s rays for generating electricity.

Easy Installation

Enjoy the limitless power of solar technology at home.

Low Installation Costs

Save more than 80% on electricity bills.

Resilience & Durability

With solar panels, you will always have your own power.

Multiple Applications

Save the environment and secure energy for your home.

Renewable Energy

An energy source that can never be depleted.

Power Your Home with Beautiful Solar

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